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Are you about to lose your house due to public auction?

Struggling to make your mortgage payments?

Navigating the distressing journey of foreclosure can be overwhelming. We offer a lifeline to homeowners, providing a way out that protects your financial future.

Professional Team

Experience and Expertise

Unlike most Real Estate Agents, we excel in managing the Short Sale Process. Our team comprises highly-trained Real Estate Agents, proficient attorneys, and skilled negotiators, all dedicated to your short sale success. We maintain excellent relationships with major lenders, ensuring direct avenues to halt foreclosures.

Professional Team

Confidential and Compassionate

We understand the emotional weight of financial distress. Our team approaches every case with empathy, ensuring your information is treated with utmost confidentiality.

Professional Team

Completely Free

Your financial well-being is our top priority. Our services, from consultation to completion, come at no cost to you. We believe that you shouldn't have to pay to find a way out of a challenging financial situation.


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Begin your path to a brighter Financial future by getting in touch. explore your properties current value, delve into your outstanding mortgage details, Take the first step towards understanding if a short sale is the solution for you. The path to resolution starts with a meaningful conversation

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We will submit all the paperwork needed including the financial package on your behalf to prove your financial hardship and get your short sale approved. In your initial consultation with us, we will make sure we have everything we need to get the lender to review your short sale. You will get weekly updates from the office so you know every step of the way what is going on with your short sale.

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With our short sale package in hand and our team by your side, navigate the intricacies of lender negotiations. Together will aim for a positive outcome. Expert guided negotiations lead to liberating results, setting you free from past burdens. Your brighter future is within reach.


When seeking loss mitigation services it is important to...


Ensure you do not neglect any correspondence from your lender, and uphold transparent and honest communication at the earliest indication of financial difficulties to make the most of the support they are willing to provide.


If you decide on a loss mitigation solution such as a short sale, ensure you're able to follow through. If your situation changes and you're unable to uphold the agreement, reach out to your lender promptly. The longer you delay, the fewer choices you'll have in dealing with your lender.


Should the lender become aware that the house is empty, they might dispatch a property preservation team to alter the locks, potentially locking you out. It's crucial not to vacate, as doing so could disqualify you from receiving relocation assistance, considering it abandonment of your property


Our dedicated short sale services come at no cost to you. Here's how we can be by your side:

A Team that Understands

Our experts have walked alongside countless homeowners like you, offering a guiding hand and a listening ear. We're here not just to provide solutions but to understand your story.

Guarding Your Financial Future

A foreclosure can leave a long-lasting mark on your credit. With our assistance, you can opt for a short sale to lessen that impact, making it easier for you to rebuild and move forward.

Keys in front of home
Man handling paperwork
Freedom from Further Financial Worries

With a successful short sale, we aim to shield you from potential aftermaths like deficiency judgments.

An Absolutely Free Service

In tough times, every penny matters. That's why our full range of services won't cost you anything. Your journey towards a fresh start shouldn't come with a price tag.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure?

A short sale is selling the property for less than the mortgage balance with the lenders approval, potentially forgiving the debt, while foreclosure is the legal process where the lender repossesses and sells the property to recover debt, severely impacting credit.

How much does your service cost?

We are compensated by your mortgage company to act on your behalf.

Will I owe anything after the short sale?

We will ensure that the lender receives written confirmation of your debt being settled after the short sale, relieving you of any remaining financial obligations once the home is sold.

Will I receive money from the short sale?

If you qualify for relocation assistance from the bank, we will be able to negotiate between 5000- 25,000

How long does a short sale take?

Every short sale is different because every individual‘s situation is different but on average it takes between three and five months.

Do I need to move right away?

You are allowed to remain in your home until the short sale concludes. During this period, you can actively search for a new residence. This approach will be beneficial for us in negotiating relocation assistance, as abandoning the property may disqualify you from eligibility. massage.


"I honestly didn't know the first thing about short sales when my husband and I found ourselves in a financial pickle. But when we reached out, the amount of patience Eli and Chris showed us was heartwarming. Every email, every call, every question - they were there, guiding us, even when we felt like we were asking the silliest of questions. With their help, what seemed like a mountain to climb turned into a manageable path. Truly, if you're ever in a tough spot, you want the home resolution group by your side."

5 Stars
Carlos "Charlie" M

"From the moment we reached out to the home resolution group, we knew we were in competent hands. Facing the daunting task of a short sale was overwhelming, but their team guided us every step of the way with patience, understanding, and expertise. Their knowledge and commitment turned our stressful situation into a smooth transaction. We can't express enough how grateful we are for their help. I'd recommend the home resolution group to anyone in need of short sale assistance. They truly are lifesavers."

5 Stars
Jessica and Martin R.

"Being on the brink of losing my home was probably the lowest point in my life. When I got in touch with the Home Resolution Group, I was half expecting another corporate-style runaround. But no, they took the time to understand my story. Heck, they made me feel like I was talking to an old friend who just knew a lot about short sales! By the end, not only did they help me with the bank and the paperwork, but they gave me something invaluable: peace of mind."

5 Stars
Derek W


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Solomon Goldberger
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Chris Abney
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Eitan Finklstein.
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Eli Eden
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